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2019 Robotics Programs For Conroe, The Woodlands and Spring

American Robotics Academy specializes in engineering, using LEGO® Technic bricks. 

Our lesson only starts AFTER a student builds his/her model.   
We change/modify/challenge the robot and our young engineers.  
We focus on learning, in a non-competitive environment.
Every student gets to build his/her robot or in teams. 

Our classes help students understand “how things work”, using LEGO elements to demonstrate the principles of simple and motorized machines, through hands-on, interactive activities. Students learn a variety of ways to design for a diverse range of activity-based challenges. From concept to design, students will see their robot come to life. Each team’s decisions during the construction and modifications process will influence their robot’s performance in the ultimate competition!

Working in teams, students will learn how to design, build and test remote-controlled, walking, rolling and wireless robots. We at American Robotics Academy excite, inspire, and motivate young minds about the importance, impact, as well as fun of robotics technology…

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2019 A Musical Thanksgiving Break Robotics Programs:

A Musical Thanksgiving

If your child loves robotics, come to our Thanksgiving LEGO Mindstorms deep learning sessions:


Using color sequencing and tying these colors to specific frequencies, we can make musical instruments. Besides making a circular sequence, what about a linear one, or what if robots had fingers that pressed on actual piano keys? These are the ideas we will be testing!

November 25 & 26 (Mon & Tues)

Early Bird $180   (November 1st: $200)

Program Flyer: Thanksgiving Flyer

For registration for Thanksgiving Workshops program:


2019 After-school Robotics Programs:

Click here 2019 Fall Robotic  to download this program sheet in PDF format.

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