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2020 Robotics Programs For Conroe, The Woodlands and Spring

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“It’s very dangerous to put astronauts on a moon base where there’s radiation, solar flares and micro meteorites.  It’d be much better to put robots on the moon and have them mentally connected to astronauts on the Earth.”

                                                                                                                  — Michio Kaku, American Theoretical Physicist


Explore the robotics required to gather rock samples,

Pick up astronauts on moon base,

save a million dollar rover stuck in its mission,

activate a satellite,

erect a solar panel, etc!

(See challenge board in the flyer below.)


Join us for our build and remote-controlled robotics class to test your solutions to these challenges!

March 9-13, 2020

Full-Day Camp

$400 Early Bird Price
$450 after March 1, 2020
Payment plans available.

We are solving problems:
1). Building a robot either by principles only or by following instructions.
2). Repairing/improving a broken/imperfect robot,
3). Figuring out different ways to use mechanisms,
4). Solving a robotics puzzle by putting a robot together based on a picture,
5). Enabling robots to do work for you. We are lifting something, pulling something, placing something, digging and shoveling something, etc.

Please refer to our Facebook to see what our students have been building:

Please feel free to contact Rosa Chen at 713.598.5250, or, if you wish to have more clarification.

We look forward to working with your student!


REGISTER for Spring Break Camp HERE:

REGISTER for Spring Break Camp HERE:


For more advanced students, we offer the SMART CAR autonomous robotics class:


Spring Break Camp – Build and Code Robotics

Smart Cars (Lego Mindstorms)

Your student will design an automobile that could:

  • park autonomously
  • reverse safely
  • automatically adjust headlights
  • prevent lane drifting
  • detect an object and keep a safe distance
  • unlock automatically
  • use cruise control
  • drive autonomously
  • cross an intersection while driving autonomously


Students will work with the Mindstorms robotics system, along with motors and sensors.

This is a class mainly focusing on how coding and sensors aid the robot to know where it is at all time.

In the building section, we will need to build a car, a door, frames for holding multiple sensors.


We are exploring:

What physics principle is at play for the ability to turn right and left?
How is an automobile smarter, when using logic gates, such as AND, OR, and NOT?


Students will learn coding to make their robot complete their tasks autonomously.
Each student works on his/her own robot.


Students will also design test environments to verify their work.
We want to make a robot that knows where it is at all time.

We also want student to learn how to verify he/she is still on the right track.
Learning how to test your robots is even more important than learning how to build one.


Full-Day Camp 9-5

March 9-13, 2020


Early Bird Price: $495
Price after March 1st: $545
Payment plan available


Please note: Non-refundable cancellation fee is $30.00+$4.95 Active Network fee.
A $50 surcharge will apply on all last minute walk-in customers.

Our Facebook to see what our students of all ages have been building:

Please feel free to contact me at 713.598.5250, or, if you wish to have more clarification.

We look forward to working with your student!

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2019 Robotics Programs:

If your kid is able to Google for answers, then why learn Robotics?


If every smartphone is able to Google every fact and answer for your child, why do we even study?

Have you thought of that?


Perhaps the question is better phrased this way:

If every smartphone is able to Google every fact and answer, WHAT kinds of problems are we giving kids to study?


Consider this math problem below:

13 + 29 = X



Use numbers 1 – 9 once.

Fill in the boxes.

Make the smallest sum.


Were you placing number randomly?

Were you inspired to optimize your answer after your first try?

What patterns emerged?


Couldn’t there be multiple answers?

Couldn’t there be multiple ways to solve this?


How much more mental effort did each problem take?

Does this type of questions excite you, or shut you down?


What if I asked for the largest sum?



You see, instead of “robotically” computing your answers, problem #2 gives you “X-Ray vision”.


You’ll see if your kid really understood the question and how she/he solved it.

You’ll see if they comprehend the content AND the CONTEXT.

You’ll see how they think!


You’ll see their imagination!


…precisely because you can’t use a website, a procedure, or a device to solve them.


This develops your critical thinking.

This develops your analytical reasoning.

Googling answers can’t give you that.


And finally, can you imagine learning robotics like this?


Join us to create your answers for challenging engineering problems worth solving, in our winter camp, opening December 20th!

Create like you mean it!


Rosa Chen


2019 Winter Camp Flyer

Robots are going to college now.


A few days ago, one of my teachers sent me a video.

She is following a food delivery robot on her UofH campus.


Kids are natural “tech natives”, and they are blending their daily lives with robotics.


But some universities are against this.

They claim food delivery bots are stealing jobs from college students.


Yet the food delivery market is increasing daily.


Are robots and machines just labor-saving tools?

… like buckets, wheels, levers, or boxes?


We humans are a tool-using species.


But what if people steal from the robots?

What if no one picks up their food?


Why study food delivery robots?


Because it’s a precursor to driverless cars.


Sign up your child for our winter camp (flyer below) to experience the creation of his/her own food delivery robots and form their own answers to this new automation.


Create like you mean it!

Sign up today!

Rosa Chen

2019 Winter Camp Flyer





American Robotics Academy specializes in engineering, using LEGO® Technic bricks. 

Our lesson only starts AFTER a student builds his/her model. 

We change/modify/challenge the robot and our young engineers.  
We focus on learning, in a non-competitive environment.
Every student gets to build his/her robot or in teams. 

Our classes help students understand “how things work”, using LEGO elements to demonstrate the principles of simple and motorized machines, through hands-on, interactive activities. Students learn a variety of ways to design for a diverse range of activity-based challenges. From concept to design, students will see their robot come to life. Each team’s decisions during the construction and modifications process will influence their robot’s performance in the ultimate competition!

Working in teams, students will learn how to design, build and test remote-controlled, walking, rolling and wireless robots. We at American Robotics Academy excite, inspire, and motivate young minds about the importance, impact, as well as fun of robotics technology…

Follow us on Facebook by searching “American Robotics Academy – Conroe The Woodlands Spring“.  You will see more video clips and event updates.

See our Facebook for our class videos:




2019 A Musical Thanksgiving Break Robotics Programs:

A Musical Thanksgiving

If your child loves robotics, come to our Thanksgiving LEGO Mindstorms deep learning sessions:


Using color sequencing and tying these colors to specific frequencies, we can make musical instruments. Besides making a circular sequence, what about a linear one, or what if robots had fingers that pressed on actual piano keys? These are the ideas we will be testing!

November 25 & 26 (Mon & Tues)

Early Bird $180   (November 1st: $200)

Program Flyer: Thanksgiving Flyer

For registration for Thanksgiving Workshops program:



2019 After-school Robotics Programs:

Click here 2019 Fall Robotic  to download this program sheet in PDF format.

To join a currently enrolling program, please click on “Registration”  to start.

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Please call or text Rosa at +1 713-598-5250, or email  Thank you! 
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