Kid Kudos- Let’s Build!

What’s your favorite toy or tool to build with?

  • Kelli, 6: LEGOs
  • James, 7: LEGOs
  • Bethany, 9: LEGOs
  • Eli, 11: LEGOs

What do you like about it?

  • Cassie 6 “My daughter loved that you sent her kit personalized upon her request for her online live workshop.  She wanted a princess Lego person and she was so excited to find a princess in her build kit.”
  • Cole 8 “please, please, please tell us what we will be building next week!”
  • Ashkay 7 “My modification to my build is that I added friction pins and axles to my build so my robot could conquer the aliens by swing arms back and forth.”
  • Caroline 9 “You can engineer your own designs and try out different versions of things, like cars.
  • Elizabeth, 5: I like LEGOs because I really want to be in the magazine.
  • Isabella, 7: I like how I can build with them and make cool things.
  • Caroline, 9: You can engineer your own designs and try out different versions of things, like cars.
  • John, 10: I just like building with them and doing whatever I want.

Where do you get your ideas for what to build?

  • Ashlie, 5: I just make things up.
  • Jacob, 7: Usually I’m really creative, so I just make it up.
  • Meesha, 9: My head. Things that I see.
  • Alex, 11: Most of the time, I come up with them myself.

What’s the coolest build you’ve ever built?

  • Elizabeth, 5: A city park with lakes and play grounds where kids and dogs can play.
  • Sage, 7: A ginormous alien saucer. One of my favorite things that I’ve built was a little house with a table and chairs. I was building a backyard for it.
  • Caroline, 9: My dad and I made fighting robots using LEGO robotics.
  • Eli, 11: My greatest structure was a starship with detachable parts and mini ships.

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