Robotics Camp Comments

“I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much Julie enjoyed the Robotics Summer Camp.  I was delighted with the projects that they did with you and thoroughly enjoyed watching the competition on the final day."

"It was fun to see the various strategies that the different groups utilized for their efforts.  I think that the kids got a real boost with their success!"

"Your progression of instruction seemed well thought out and very appropriate for this age group.  Thanks again for providing a neat experience for the kids.”

“ I have never seen Matt so eager to get up in the morning and go to anything extracurricular as he has to your camp.  He told me it was awesome and that it 'rocked' every day.  Thanks so much for spending the time and effort to be with our kids.”

“This was a great way to stimulate their imaginations and creative thinking while having fun and teamwork.” 

“My son learned how to make motors work at different speeds and about pneumatics.  He learned a lot and had a blast!”

“What a great idea!  Bravo to you and your committee for the summer workshop that you are producing.  I was given the advertisement for your summer camp and was really excited for the concept.” 

"Tommy said the time went by too fast and he wished he could do it everyday.  Great idea to run this camp!” 

" Dan, you were great with the kids.  I loved seeing them help each other.”