Students in grades K-12
Selected public/private schools and church facilities

After-School Programs, Summer
Camps, Birthday Parties, Scouting
and Special Events

American Robotics Academy coming to Austin Fall 2014!

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What does it take to create a remote-controlled robot that can walk, drive and turn in any direction? Reach out for, grab, throw or release objects on command? Move and act as YOU design and build them to?

Imagination Technology Teamwork


Working in teams, we’ll teach you how to design, build and test remote controlled miniature robots. Your robot will compete with other robots in your class in a friendly competition on the last day of camp. All necessary materials, including motors, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles, and microcomputers will be available for student use. It will be up to you and your teammates to put them all together in original ways to make your robot do what you want it to.

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