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The Subterranean Deck is merely the deck to be added to the Base Module to form the Subterranean Module.The Sub Mod is the “brains” of the arena. Adding a lower level deck (Subterranean Deck) to its frame, mechanical contraptions or contrivances can be added to enhance the capabilities of this unit in the playing field.Fully adjustable from the ground, up to the upper deck of the module. Surface colors available in black, blue, gray, white, red and yellow. NOTE: The Lego plate #10701, (15” x 15”) is just an example - not for sale here. You can purchase from, Walmart, etc. Lego plate rests on top of panel.

*IMPORTANT: Make sure to add both the Subterranean Deck 1 of 2 and the Subterranean Deck 2 of 2 to your shopping cart to complete your order.
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