American Robotics Academy Mobile Arena System has arrived and all of the rules of the game have changed. Chaos and Havoc rule in this mechanical menace where the underworld has no limits.

It’s not just the playing, but the playing field.

  • Revolutionizing the robotic arena design.
  • Reinventing the robotic playing field.
  • Ability to align and fasten units together for multiple layout designs.
  • Utilizing a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Offering limitless challenges and obstacles and elements of surprise.

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Our portable and virtually indestructible mobile units can be configured to form customizable arenas of any shape and size. Each module can support adjustable subterranean platforms which permit mechanical contraptions to emerge through the surface of the playing field, or the opening of trap doors to the underground below.

The ARAMAS™ pat. pending “Mobile Arena System” will set the new standard for robotics competition challenges and STEM classroom objectives traditional fields are now a thing of the past.

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