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Little Engineer

Class Experience: Beginner
9-week program

Course Description
Class Experience/Overview/Challenge:

Ever looked at amazing LEGO© builds and wonder how they are put together? What makes the build strong yet allows movement? This class is perfect for beginners with engineering in their mind’s eye. Together we will explore the parts and techniques for building strong mechanical creations, while learning the fundamentals of engineering principles.

 Over the length of the course, students will discover how to use engineering techniques and processes to:

  • Identify and use blocks to make shapes into structures
  • How to brainstorm what equipment to use to make different builds
  • How to use gears and levers in their builds
  • Learn how to improve their first builds to make it stronger
  • Learn to work with others
  • How to compromise as part of a team

This class covers fundamentals of building and engineering principles while making each session engaging and fun. Each student will be encouraged to work the build out before touching a block and we believe that this will open up the minds of children to the world of STEM and ensure they will develop a process of thinking and planning that will be very useful in life with real world examples.

Little Engineers

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