Online Live Classes: Future Engineer (Houston – Headquarters)

Future Engineer

Grades: 3rd- 4th
Class Experience: Older beginner to intermediate
8-week program

Course Description
Class Experience/Overview/Challenge:

Your students have done every popular LEGO© set? Don’t know where to go next for their development? We have to the solution for you! In this class students will learn and add to their knowledge of LEGO© building equipment and engineering principles. We will start the journey of LEGO© movement with the motors and introduce gear ratios and how to manipulate the gears. 

Over the duration of the course, Students will be learning to:

  • Tell the differences between friction and non-friction parts
  • Determine which gearing to use for more power or more speed
  • Trouble shooting when a build is not working properly
  • Learn to work with others while brainstorming
  • Identify equipment for builds

This class is designed to build on the knowledge the students have on building to transition them into robotics. Robotics is more than just science because it is also a great way to inspire our future generation to think about how to solve world problems one piece at a time. Each student will be encouraged to share in their experience. Our goal is not only to teach but to inspire them for the future.

Cost: $65 per child including a $25 plus shipping and handling fee per kit. 

Little Engineers

Class Schedule (June – August)

Every Tuesday 6/16-8/4 AM Sessions
Every Tuesday 6/16-8/4 PM Sessions
Every Thursday 6/18-8/6 AM Sessions
Every Thursday 6/18-8/6 PM Sessions
Every Friday 6/19-8/7 AM Sessions
Every Friday 6/19-8/7 PM Sessions

Class Schedule (July – September)
Every Wednesday 7/22-9/2 10:15AM-11:00PM 

Class Schedule (September – November)
Every Wednesday 9/16-11/4 10:15-11:00AM

 Every Wednesday 9/16-11/4 10:15AM-11:00AM