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Can we attach our modules with other ARAMAS™ modules?
All ARAMAS™ modules are interchangeable and are designed to connect with all others.  This allows you to be able to connect with any others, anytime.  There is no limit to how many modules can be set up together.

Do the modules need to be taken apart often?
Not at all.  If you desire to store them or transport them with less space, the legs can quickly and easily be taken off and reattached in seconds. 

Is the ARAMAS™ system designed only for LEGO related materials?
Absolutely not.  The system is designed to accommodate the very popular 15” x 15” LEGO base plate.  Sold separately, this plate rests on top of any module perfectly because our modules are based on the 15” x 15” dimensions.   

What if I am a school or nonprofit organization and need to be exempt from taxes?
We need to set up your organization first in our system – please contact us with this request.