Class Descriptions

Olympic Robot Games (ORG)
Discover how it feels to “Go for the Gold” as you and your teammates compete in a handful of sports for this class of Robotic Olympics. Each event/sport will test your robot’s structural integrity and maneuverability. At the same time, coach your robots with wireless technology while being put to the test. Using gears, pulleys and varying degrees of traction, students will build robotic athletes. We will compete at soccer, kickball, jousting, wrestling, a MYSTERY Sport and a race across the finish line. Sportsmanship and Robotic Competition Rule!
Challenge Level I-IV

Apprentice Robotics (AP)
Let’s take it back… Back to the beginning! You are a student apprentice in a robotics workshop. You need to do everything you can in order to not only understand, but master this unfamiliar concept of robotics! This is your chance to learn basic mechanical properties of how things work and move through a unique hands-on learning experience. Students will explore the use of gears, pulleys, wheels and axles, motors and so much more. This class will open new windows, leading to the fun and mechanical world of robotics. 
Challenge Level I-II

Freshman Robotics (FR)
You have gotten a little crazy and possibly even finished our apprenticeship. Are ready to stair-step your way to the top? If so, this is the first class for you to consider. Now you can collaborate with your teammates to prepare an Infrared Wireless robot for a variety of activity-based challenges. Students will explore the use of motors, gears, pulleys and IR technology while building Lego Robot inventions. Each build will be followed by a thrilling challenge that illustrates the need for “simplicity” and the pitfalls of “complexity”.
Challenge Level II-III

Robotic Golf Open (RGO)
Things on the golf course just aren’t the same since Lego Robotics have taken over! The holes having moving machines/obstacles and the par just keeps raising. Students will use their imagination and creativity to design and modify unique golf holes on most days. When students are not golfing, they are fighting for the most golf balls with Crabs in the sand trap and having a Golf Cart show down (maneuverability race and battle). Not only do you create your own golf course anew with different obstacles, but teams build and modify a Lego club too. On the last day, the 18th Hole, build a Hole-in-One Catapult! Go for a Hole-in-One! Go for the Robotic Golf Open!
Challenge Level II-IV

Crazy Action Contraptions (CAC)
Here’s your chance to be creative and a little wacky, too. We’ll be making some very “crazy and bizarre” contraptions that will truly amaze you. Your imagination can go “wild” with ideas on how to create even more complicated mechanical wonders. With motors, gears, pulleys, wheels of various sizes, and tons of other cool LEGO pieces at your disposal, this class will show you what “craziness” is all about!!!
Challenge Level I-II

Wild and Wacky Walkers (WWW)
Here’s your chance to be wilder and wackier than you have ever imagined. We will be doing lots of new projects including climbing robots and robot dogs with animated eyes, mouth and tails! You can add more modifications to all your builds for a superb animated effect. Join with us as we use gears and pulleys to build and battle a world of WALKING robots! This class will introduce you to LEGO mechanics and simple machines that you never knew were possible! Come learn, build and play with American Robotics Academy… Where Robots Rule!
Challenge Level II-IV

Robots on the Rampage (ROR)
Join us on an adventure that requires creative thought, time management and team communication as groups build a diverse range of off-road vehicles that battle other robots, race against the clock and play tug of war! This class will discuss drive and follower gears and the various ranges of gear ratios. Can a fast vehicle out perform a robot with lots of power? Here is your chance to learn which gear ratios are associated with speed or torque. Chaos and Havoc rule the day in this ruckus of Robots on the Rampage.
Challenge Level II-III

Levers, Trebuchets and Catapults (LTC)
What happens when you combine levers and robotics? Medieval machines, catapults, trebuchets, draw bridges, hammers, clock and walking robots! Do you know the difference between a trebuchet and a catapult? Can you make a robotic clock? Here is your opportunity to learn about the different types of levers while building Lego robots. In Levers, Trebuchets & Catapults you will nail the competition while time and the ping pong balls of warfare fly as you break down enemy walls and minions. A little modern technology and Lego can defy the impossible.
Challenge Level III-IV

Reverse Engineering: Forward Thinking (REV)
Because life doesn’t always come with an instruction book, neither will your robots. Do you really need instructions to recreate, duplicate, or make a working model better?  What’s the big picture? How do all these pieces make it happen?   Teams must draw from their deeper understanding of how Legos work together to make a complete enhanced robot. Build to recreate the robots shown… aim to upgrade and improve designs! Let's go forward in thinking by building in reverse.
Challenge Level III-IV

Imagineers (IMG) PreK-K 4-5yrs “Little engineers with BIG ideas” Children explore the mechanical use of gears, pulleys, axles, motors and much more, while learning to visually follow and understand step-by-step construction manuals and basic mechanical properties of how things move and work.  Working in small groups, our young LEGO builders’ dreams come to life.  With imaginations going “wild”, the possibilities are endless.

Impossible Search and Rescue (ISR)
Teams in this class have accepted the challenge to be the first responder in circumstances of extreme weather, danger, abandonment and quarantine. These victims need: robots that can climb up ropes to rescue Lego Mini Figure victims, rovers that can drive through and over any obstacle, and so much more. We want to know if your robot can save the day.
Challenge Level I-III

Junkyard Battle Royale (JBR)
Now is the time to explore and battle in uncharted territory. In this class, battle-bots evaluate the potential of a rough and dangerous area before moving in permanently. Experts need you to build a variety of very unique robots with an awesome skillset, capable of driving over any junk or obstacle and overcoming any unfamiliar elements or elevation changes in this treacherous junkyard. Use gears, structural integrity, and IR Technology to overcome the unknown. Can your robot not only survive, but thrive in the junkyard?
Challenge Level III-IV

Robot Power Quest (RPQ)
The Balance of Power is now at stake. This class promises to revolutionize the way you think about robotics. Lego Power Functions have opened the door to new possibilities. You and your team will take our new “CONCEPT TO DESIGN” builds to a personal level with customization. This is a never-ending adventure to break the limits of your imagination in unique personalized robotic design. Come for the customization… come for the opportunity to design your own robots start to finish… Stay for the opportunity to battle a robot that your team designed from scratch. Come be a part of the Robot Power Quest. "Robots Rule"
Challenge Level IV

Innovated Edge (INV)
Discover how it feels to "Push the Envelope” on innovation! Older students will be challenged with projects geared around creativity, design, and engineering activities. Each activity based challenge will test your wireless robot’s endurance, strength, speed and maneuverability. We are really going to “Toy with Technology” to create innovative robots! This class will introduce you to Lego mechanics that you never realized were possible. Let’s build some robots that are really cutting edge! "Robots Rule"
Challenge Level IV

DaVinci Inventors (DVI)
We want you to become the next Leonardo Da Vinci! Using LEGOs, students will be introduced to Da Vinci’s inventive machines. This is your chance to be challenged with projects built around creativity, design and engineering. Leonardo created and improved upon the greater mechanical wonders of the world! Inventive minds will be able to build Odometers (to measure the distance a robot has traveled), Lifting Jacks (to hold & raise heavy loads), and not to mention the inspiration for the HELICOPTER. Join with us as we aspire to relive the excitement of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Challenge Level II-III

Pirates with a Purpose (PWP)
Robotics have taken over the Pirate world. Well-seasoned students and crew design robots ready for adventures and excitement. The life of the pirate is searching for hidden treasure, protecting your gold and stealing others prized possessions. Can your pirate crew steal the other crew’s treasure and return it to your cove? Maneuverable robots will be tested as they race against the clock and other pirates. Variations of Capture the Flag, Race Against Time, Obstacle/Maneuverability Courses all out Pirate Wars will be held with a robotic spin. Come for the treasure… Stay to watch losing pirates walk the plank. "Robots Rule"
Challenge Level III-IV

Robo-Roller Derby (RRD)
The speed of a race, the competition of a battle, and the pressure of the clock… it’s a Robo-Roller Derby rumble! Lego robots take on a new set of hurdles as they duke it out on the track. Race the stop-watch and each other to be the first to complete all your laps without being torn apart in the challenge. Foul play is fair game in Robo-Roller Derby.
Challenge Level I-IV

EV3 Mindstorm Programming (EMP)
Robotics Programming for LEGO Mindstorm EV3: Students will learn how to program an EV3 Robot to move, turn, stop, control EV3 sensors (light, distance, touch), change Robot speed and direction, all of this, while learning the basics of a real world programming language – RobotC. We supply the software, EV3 Robots, laptops, and challenge boards. Students will be instructed with the following topics: • Introduction to EV3 hardware • Introduction to programming • Movement – EV3 Forward/Backward/Turning • Encoders – Lego Motors • Control Structures (while, for, if, repeat, case) • Variables and functions • Sensing – Touch, Ultrasonic • Light Sensor/Line Tracking • Debugging.
Challenge Level V-VI

Green City Challenge (GCC)
Wind turbines, power plants, energy efficient homes and much more comprise the Green City. Your robots will power the plants and close the dams to save the city. Develop problem solving skills with
hands-on activities and challenges while learning about sustainable living and building. By testing each robot, completing each challenge and improving performance, students are on their way to become real engineers!
Challenge Level II-III
Master Hub Mana (MHM)
The all-encompassing Master Hub Mana and its tele-operational controls will make robot design and building a new and exciting experience. The master hub includes built in multi-motors, power source and receivers.  Want to change the orientation of your high caliber robot? Flip the design 90 degrees. Multiple motors power the Mana on all four sides! You and your team can operate your Mana with no boundaries into an unreached zone of imagination.  Concept and Design are in your hands with the Mana.  Rethink technology, new and old!   
Challenge Level II

We've added some new classes that we think you will really enjoy and mixed them around each month to give everybody a better chance at finding the class they want to take that will fit into their "crazy" schedule. We've intentionally designed the classes so you can take a "full day" of robotics if you want. The morning classes and afternoon classes complement each other or if you just want to come a half day, there's something for everyone out there.

If you would like to see our classes offered at your school, as an after-school program, call me and we can talk about how to make that happen. We have done this very successfully at many schools over the years.

Looking forward to seeing you back, working on something "weird and crazy" in one of our classes.