Leadership Profiles

Dan Taglia: President and Managing Member

With his educational background as a college professor, a Master’s Degree, and years of being a Boy Scout Leader, Dan offers much more than a class on robotics. His unique and high-spirited personality enthralls young and old alike.

That is what is so unique and valuable about the classes taught at the American Robotics Academy.® “We don’t just offer a quick interest class and then leave the students hanging, as if it was the end of the training; we offer a never-ending, fun-filled, proactive, hands-on learning environment that nurtures even the youngest minds.”

Dan feels that kids today need healthy competitive sports, where they can use their minds and not just their bodies. Robotics technology provides both, offering students the opportunity to learn, design, create and experience whatever they can dream up.

Regardless of race, age, sex, religion, or income level, Dan cares about educating our children who will be our future engineers, astronauts, teachers and most importantly, future parents.


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