American Robotics Academy® is a DBA under Animation Station, Inc., which incorporated April 2001.

We began doing after-school programs in the Katy, Texas area where Dan Taglia was the only instructor. Mr. Taglia has a B.A. and M.F.A. in photography and has taught college-level courses for six years. He was very familiar with putting together curricula and had a passion for working with youth.

After a year, we rented a “brick and mortar” site with a three-year lease. This site greatly established our credibility and seriousness of purpose. Our sales doubled each year during the lease period. We realized that the space was under-utilized because we did the majority of our classes on location at different public and private schools, and other community facilities. We did not renew our lease and secured two offices for our admin and materials needs.

We now have an office staff of three employees. This includes a Program Director, Operations Manager, and a teacher/training/materials assistant. We currently have about 15 instructors who are all employees.

We currently offer our program through corporate operations in the Greater Houston Area. Our program is also offered through our franchisees in and around Houston and Austin, and soon in other cities and states as we continue to expand through franchising.


A Franchise Opportunity

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